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Inkosi is proud to be known for our hip hop clothing movement. Our collections are unique and inspiring, allowing you to show your individuality within the community. We offer tees, hoodies, longsleeves, jeans and more for those looking to set their style apart. Our designs are perfect for casual days, hitting the gym, or going out for a night on the town. WIth our streetwear clothing, you'll find the perfect something to match your personality. The Japanese flair these styles possess brings a unique perspective to the fashion industry in Australia.

We sell high-quality clothing at an affordable price. With new fashions and the vintage "old skool" look, we have everything you need to outfit your next adventure. The hip hop and street dancer communities have created a unique movement in the fashion industry, and these styles fit perfectly with that community.

With our eclectic styles, you'll struggle to find something you don't want to buy!

Our handcrafted accessories are the perfect finishing touch for your look. Wear them during the day with a casual feel, or for a night out with your friends. If you're looking for Japanese clothing in Australia, look no further than Inkosi.