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Our Handcrafted Accessories Collections

It takes the right accessories to complete any look, including those influenced by Zulu and Japanese streetwear. At Inkosi apparel, we offer handmade accessories that accentuate your Urban culture style. Our handmade men’s bracelets range from deep onyx stone to bold pink and blue tones. Each of our handmade bracelets is accented with cubic zirconia and metallic details. Your order of streetwear accessories from Inkosi is always a premium quality product.

Our jeans, longsleeves, sleeveless tees, and hoodies all come in unique designs. Mix and match to create your own hip hop clothing look. Our handmade men’s jewelry adds to your urban look and accentuates your nobility on the streets. Complete any look with the ultimate Zulu and Japanese style.

Browse our eclectic range of streetwear and join the movement! Our range of styles gives you all the choices you need to create your own individual style. Our handmade bracelets go perfectly with any outfit you create with the Inkosi range of street apparel.

Easy-going handmade men’s bracelets for any style or season!

Inkosi is proud of our contribution to the urban movement. All our garments are made to give you quality and style for years to come. Browse our collections of men’s and women’s streetwear for unique styles that will make you stand out.