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Crop tops are back! In fact, we’re not sure if they ever went out of style. Inkosi crop tops for women have become a streetwear classic. They are perfect with our jeans or mini skirts and can be mixed with a longsleeve on cooler days. 

Our activewear crop tops are fantastic for a day at the gym, or for street dancing with your friends. The black crop tops flatter your entire midriff while hip-hopping the night away, and the white crop tops really show off your tan. 

Our chic, affordable crop tops for girls have a unique Japanese flair, bringing a unique style to the hip hop scene in Australia. Wear them solo, or pair them with your favourite flannel to create a look that is all your own. 

With our collection of urban culture clothing, you’ll be able to mix and match your crop top for a look that flatters you, brings out your personality, and inspires you to show off your new look. Our streetwear is bold, comfortable, and easy to wear for any occasion.  

Join the Inkosi crop top movement of urban culture. Order now online at Inkosi to be the centre of attention within your group of friends.