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Our Jeans Collections

Ripped jeans are an essential part of your urban streetwear wardrobe. Inkosi has the stylish edit of jeans for every individual look. We are your one-stop shop for distressed, destroyed, and ripped jeans for men and women in Australia. We also offer tees, hoodies, longsleeves, sleeveless, and accessories to complement your urban culture clothing.

Our Destroyed Nova jeans are one of our latest styles for our customers who want affordable streetwear with a Zulu and Japanese streetwear influence. Distressed jeans combine the look of distressed and ripped jeans for the ultimate Japanese streetwear style. Our slim Nova jeans are a staple that you will wear for years to come with all your vintage and new looks.  

We make the highest quality ripped jeans for guys who want to set their style apart. They have unique features that are different from the styles you see every day on the street. Enjoy the ultimate style and comfort in any of our ripped or wide ripped jeans and always stand out from the crowd.

You’ll find everything you want to join the movement in our eclectic ripped and destroyed jeans collection in our women’s and men’s collections!

If you’re shopping for Japanese streetwear in Australia, look no further than Inkosi. We have the highest quality Japanese clothing at the most affordable prices.