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Our Long Sleeve T-shirts Collections

Inkosi is proud to offer you the edit of men’s long sleeve t-shirts to make you part of the hip hop clothing movement. Our unique styles represent the Japanese streetwear that goes wherever you do.

Our long sleeve shirts work flawlessly with our jeans and hoodies for the hottest looks in urban wear. A long sleeve under t-shirt looks great under a jacket or hoodie. Shop our men’s short sleeve tees for layering under our hoodies. You might also consider a long sleeve shirt during the colder months or to wear alone when it’s warmer. Our designs are perfect for any occasion from hitting the gym to a night out on the town. Invest in a white long sleeve shirt as a staple for your wardrobe that you’ll wear over and over. Our range of fashions is made from the highest quality materials in unique designs that fit within the Japanese streetwear community.

With an eclectic range of styles for men and women, there’s something for every style!

Inkosi has the urban culture clothing you want to set your style apart. Browse our handcrafted accessories for the perfect finishing touch for your urban or hip hop look. We make it easy and affordable to put together styles that have the casual feel you want for every day and those that are right for evenings out. Shop Inkosi for the best, most affordable Japanese streetwear in Australia.