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About Us

INKOSI · キング is an International Streetwear Tribe that originates
from a combination of South African and Japanese influenced street
heritage. Both "INKOSI" in Zulu and "キング " in Japanese are the
English equivalent of "Royalty". The strategical unification of the two
in our global fashion industry strives towards creating a positive
medium between the East and West by spreading awareness and
appreciation of multiculturalism.

Many Western born and bred Asian and African individuals have always struggled with an identity crisis, often not being proud of their true selves as they grow up feeling excluded, which led me to notice the under-representation in the streetwear market for Asian and African influenced brands that portray the image of its community being “Royalty” despite the difference of their background and ethnicities. INKOSI which lives and breathes by its motto “Acknowledge Royalty” aims to break this stigma, making our community acknowledge their differences and be proud of them rather than shying away and being just another sheep in the crowd.

The quality of our products have continually received praise and
compliments from many of our customers around the world due to
the premium materials and well-known suppliers in the industry that
we work with here at INKOSI. We will continue to strive and improve
in every area and aspect we can to continue pleasing our tribe and
truly create premium apparel Crafted for Royalty.

The same designs will never be restocked, making everything you see
and purchase Limited Edition! The reason behind this approach is to
show our appreciation towards INKOSI's constant supportive
community by allowing them a supply of rare apparel that will only
appreciate in their value over time.

Contact Us
Feel free to get in touch through any of the mediums below and we
will get back to you as soon as we are able to!
E-mail: YJ@inkosiapparel.com
Instagram DM: @inkosi_apparel
Facebook DM: Inkosi Apparel